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Fecha de actualización: 16/03/2023


Urgent help for Emily

Emily is an 8-year-old girl from Argentina who has been fighting for her life against Leukemia since the age of 2. After undergoing a treatment in Barcelona ("Single CAR T-cell") with no signs of disease for 7 months, she suffered a relapse in February this year (2023). 

Singapore offers an experimental therapy called "Dual CAR T-cell", which could be the only treatment that can save or prolong Emily’s life. Emily’s family and friends found this trial and she is eligible to participate. The therapy itself is covered under the clinical trial. However, the family needs to raise funds to cover hospital expenses and tests that are not included. The target amount is SGD158K and the hospital requires a full deposit within 10 days of Emily's admission this Friday 17th March, 2023.

Emily and her family are embarking on their trip from Argentina to Singapore this March 15th. Emily’s condition is very critical, she will undergo both, blood and platelet transfusions, to tolerate the long flights.

Due to the urgency, the family is seeking help for Emily by means of donation and spreading the word about her vital cause.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Link for donation

Instagram: @miayudaparaemily

For more information about the clinical trial run at KKH (Women's and Children's Hospital) you can visit ClinicalTrials.gov (Identifier: NCT05429905).


Contact Ms Stephanie at KKH if your are able to offer complimentary interpretation services English-Spanish to help Emily´s family communicate with the Medical Team: pls@kkh.com.sg

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